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My design inspiration…
My designs are born from disenchantment and frustration with current products, with an aim to meet the “wants and needs” that comprise a solution to the status quo shortfalls. My process is to begin with a blank slate—no preconceived notion of form or design whatsoever. Rather, I begin by writing down what I consider the ideal qualities and features, then engineer, design, and build a prototype that satisfies those wants and needs. If I can’t find a product with the features I want on the market, I design and build such a product.

Here's what I bring to the furniture industry. I'm…
An inventor
• Good at envisioning “What could be…?”
• View frustrating and ineffective things as an opportunity to invent
• Able to think beyond the bounds of what already exists
A designer
• Able to imagine tangible form and function solutions to envisioned ends
• Proficient using AutoCAD software to specify and document design details
A mechanical engineer
• Understand strengths of materials
• Understand the forces generated when component parts interact
A builder
• Started as work-study at Boise State University in the carpentry shop; built bookcases for college professor offices
• Have remodeled a dozen homes, and integrated enhanced layout, modernized, added new features and elegance
• Licensed in Virginia as a Class-A Builder
• Multiple construction talents including steel work (welding, plasma cutting), carpentry work (framing, laminating, finishing), electrical work (load determination, load wiring), and plumbing work (fluid volumes and throughputs)

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