About Canadian Wood Species

Sustainably sourced Canadian wood species from the province of British Columbia (B.C.) are becoming increasingly popular among furniture designers for their natural beauty, durability, and strong environmental reputation. From Canada’s western most region comes rich and warm-toned Douglas-fir, along with elegant and economical Western Hemlock—both affordable alternatives over traditional hardwood species.

Versatile and easy to work with, these eco-friendly wood species are ideal for a wide range of traditional and contemporary furniture and home furnishing solutions. And Canadian wood products give you the added assurance that you’re meeting strict ecological and forest regulations, with the certifications to prove it.

Who are we?

Canadian Wood, part of Forestry Innovation Investment (FII), a Crown agency of the British Columbia Government, promotes and supplies information about softwood products from B.C. to wood industry professionals, and connects furniture designers, manufacturers, and wholesalers with leading softwood suppliers from B.C. Our specialists in Canada, Vietnam, and India offer extensive resources and information on softwood products.

How can we help?

Canadian Wood is here to help you select and source high-quality, certified wood from British Columbia, Canada. Whether you’re trialing an entirely new idea or looking for cost-effective alternatives for an existing product line, our specialists in Vancouver, Mumbai, and Ho Chi Minh City are here to assist. Looking for the right grade and wood species to achieve the desired design, color, and appearance for your next project? Visit us at www.canadianwoodbc.com or email us at info@canadianwoodbc.com.

Mission Statement

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